What Are FacePlants Made From?

FacePlants garden statues are made from artificial rock that very closely resembles granite. This process was developed for the construction of unique structures such as man made waterfalls, terrarium / museum exhibits, hot tubs, climbing walls and outdoor furniture and combines equally construction skills and artistic creativity.

artificial granite The texture of artificial rock feels exactly like real stone and when combined with the synthetic granite finish it creates both a look and feel of natural rocks - at a fraction of the cost of real stone!

The versatility of the high strength cementitious mix is what allows the creation of unique faces vs. real stone where this would not be possible on an economical scale.

Large FacePlant Statues

FacePlants garden statues started as the construction of individually unique garden art by Steve Goodale, owner of Serendipity Pools & Artificial Rock in Vancouver, BC. As part of his contracting services he would offer his clients a selection of hand sculpted garden art of which most would sell as soon as it was available.

redhead garden statue easter island head garden statue

grumpy gus garden statue mohawk garden statue

Artificial rock is a very versatile building medium and is also used in the creation of unique structures that add unique flair and character. The FacePlants statues are only one of the unique artistic creations crafted with artificial rock. During his time operating Serendipity Pools & Artificial Rock Steve was able to commission many artistic creations utilizing artificial rock and his synthetic granite finishing process.

artificial rock bbq artificial rock fireplace

The synthetic granite finish used on FacePlants is incredibly realistic and designed to weather outdoors all year round. If left outdoors year round it is recommended to coat the piece in a water based concrete sealer once per year to preserve the vividness of the colours and to prevent possible fading over time.

artificial rock colour artificial rock colours

The Evolution Of FacePlants

In response to demand for more statues, potter plants and other unique garden items Steve developed the line of FacePlants sold here. As any avid gardener or backyard decorator knows there is very little in the way of unique and quality (not plastic) garden planter pots available. FacePlants are changing the face of garden decor! Support local Canadian artists and have a FacePlant in your backyard.

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